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2017, you have been a blast!

Posted By misha on 15th December 2017

It is crazy too think this year has nearly come too a end and the UNlTY team has once again smashed another year! 2017, I can officially say you have been a pleasure and cannot wait too see what 2018 brings us! So many exciting new things and memories have been made these past 12 months, and we have definitely achieved numerous projects that were on our to do list.
All the conventions we have been able too attend have been AMAZING. The London collective in February being my all time favourite as we had the opportunity too show off the Collaboration paintings both Jo and Hanumantra designed. Followed by the second London show in September, where H got too re-create a storm trooper for a exhibition there and also design a full body suit for the N.R studio where they projected it onto a human body and made a body mapping video live at the show. Photos are below if you didn’t manage to catch them.
It was also where we finally revealed the collaboration back piece to the public. A big BIG thank you to Ben for sitting tough and Tom and Mish for producing the wonderful videos of the journey, where there is still more too come, so keep your eyes peeled….



T-shirts are printed and many have already been sent out to those who have pre-ordered. We are super pleased with them and I cannot wait too start some new ones already! We are rocking them ourselves here in the studio!!

We do still have some left, so please don’t hesitate too follow our trend and drop me a email too order one yourself. We range in sizes from S, M, L, Xl and XXL.

Both H and Jo, besides tattooing pursue various other ways of expressing themselves. Using different mediums and a variety of canvass’ I will be sharing some of my favourites in the coming months.
Hanging up in the studio we have two surfboards Hanumantra has painted (photos below)…..


Throughout the year many tattoo journeys for our clients have come to a completion…for now. Where big projects have been tied off many have been photographed to capture the beauty of what has been worked on over the following months/ years both here in the studio and also over seas at conventions and guests spots. Here is a few of my favourite..




Thank you to all our clients that have committed their time and dedicated themselves to work with us here at UNlTY you make my job of appointments and day to day running of the studio very easy and enjoyable. I hope for those who have finished we do see you again in the future.

With Christmas just around the corner, I can definitely say it has been very festive within the studio itself. Both the team and clients have been able too take advantage of the beautiful view we have had for the past week due too us having nearly 2ft of snow!!

Marley defiantly enjoyed it as she made her very own UNlTY snowman! But unfortunately as I am writing this the snow has nearly all gone and we are back too typical rainy UK weather. Was fun whilst it lasted though!


Benji has been very festive too as he has been strutting around the studio for the past few weeks in his Christmas jumper. Should maybe get him printed one of the new tee’s for a Christmas present!

Too finish my blog off, I would like to once again say a massive thank you too everyone who has made our year very very special here at the UNlTY studio.  We have definitely had a blast! We are all super excited too see what’s 2018 brings us and I wish you all have a wonderful Christmas period!

Thank you guys!!

Misha xx