Posted By Hanumantra Lamar on 13th August 2018

Every action we take and each decision made is a reflection from the inner workings of our cerebral matter. An echo of a pattern from the depths of our mind, like a wave that travels as a ripple across the ocean but once it reaches the shore has the potential of a devastating impact. It is something I try to remind myself of every morning when my feet touch the floor or when I watch the reflection of me brushing his teeth in the bathroom mirror. To be conscious of my thoughts, my insecurities and my fears and not allow them to determine the person I am today.

I have tailored my life and my surroundings to try and produce the most creatively conducive environment possible and this was why UN1TY was born. An environment of tranquility not just to change the way people look but rather the way they see themselves. It is not possible to write a manifesto on peace to the best of your abilities if you are in the middle of waging a war, the same way that it’s not possible to create a tattoo of balance and harmony to your zenith if your mind is flustered and frustrated. You will work these “problems” in to your tattoo. I enjoy the process of drawing directly on to my clients with pen and then rendering these lines the more sure I become of them. It allows for an honest expression in that moment and a tattoo that is true to us both. Every line that is created on a persons body is a culmination of my entire lifes experience to that point, every emotion ever felt to make that decision. In there are the times I remember and those I have forgotten, the moments of joy and those of sorrow. With every action we display a reflection of our mind and every tattoo is a result of our actions therefore it is wise to be mindful of our psychology.

Our brain is the most advanced and powerful tool we have at out disposal and like all tools it requires constant maintenance. Overlook certain ares for an extended period of time and they will likely fall in to disrepair, ignore the warning signs and there’s an eventual crash and burn. I have searched through the ruins of my mind looking for what can be salvaged before and then created a fertile headspace for growth. I now tend to my mind the way a Shepard does to his flock, providing protection and nutrition. I know there are wolves waiting in the woods to prey on them and I understand this is just in the nature of a wolf. I can never find peace by sleighing a single wolf as more will follow but I make sure they never get an easy meal. I have a sheepdog that helps me tend to my flock but I am aware that the wolf and the dog have a relationship I may fail to understand. And so each day I find peace in guiding that which I’m responsible for to new pastures and keeping a reasonable distance between us and those that threaten us.

Working with people in such an intimate manner we end up sculpting and moulding each others emotions and moods. Feelings of doubt can cripple my creative flow whilst absolute trust will amplify it. I do not wish to work with a rushed pace where the focus is on the finish line and corners will be cut to get there. Those people are obsessed with “there” and overlook the beauty of “here”. But once they arrive at “there” they are soon looking beyond it as they realise once again they are “here”. The “here” is all we have and it’s why I have put so much emphasis on cultivating a space that allows both me and my client to enjoy it to it’s fullest. It’s why I am selective with whom I work with, so together we can bring the best out of each other, neither person feeling stifled, rushed or frustrated.

With the work I create I want it to be an honest expression of who I am and in turn the beliefs and values I have. I want the designs that are displayed on peoples skin to have an aesthetic effect of balance and harmony, to project the mindset and relationship between myself and my client. I do not want tattooing to be a self glorifying act but rather one that serves to create a positive transformation for those seeking it. Every morning as I enter the studio space I have my ritual which helps put my mind in to a state of wellbeing. I light some incense and the scent transports me back to places afar I have visited when I have been able to focus my mind and find stillness. In the blink of an eye I am back in the present not wishing to be anywhere else, lucid and ready for the day ahead.

Hanumantra Blackwork Tattoo

Experience is the best teacher, but she can be a harsh one as often the test will be given before the lesson is taught. The learning is in the doing and experience has shown me that I’m capable of creating works that balance on the human body, that please my mind the way an equation does to a mathematician and my eye the way a building does to an architect.  From this experience I have gained the confidence to start each day by quietening the noise in my head, taking a deep breath and throwing myself to the wolves knowing I am able to return leading the pack.

This is my psychology and this is how I’ve created my peace in the process of the craft that is tattooing.