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Posted By misha on 6th December 2017

For those who don’t know me, my name is Misha and I work within the UN l TY family. Some may say I am a PA or a secretary, but honestly I couldn’t put an exact label on my role as it varies so much. Ranging from taking everyones appointments too making the worlds best cup of tea! Most importantly making sure everyone who visits the studio has the best experience possible.  

Working within the tattoo industry but not actually carrying out the permanent change on clients is still very exciting. And this leads onto telling you guys my reason for starting these blogs. As I feel a lot of things are being missed by people of what happens “behind the scenes”. I am now going to be doing regular blogs, sharing our journey inside the UN l TY circle. This including videos and photos, giving a real insight on what really goes on. 

First of all, if you haven’t heard already. Our UN l TY team has grown and we would like too introduce the newest member of the family… River Rose. She is beautiful and a little bundle of joy and we are very happy she is finally here.   


With River arriving 3 weeks ago, the tattooing side of things has been on a hold. But we have been working away on other projects in the mean time. Both me and Hanumantra have produced and put on pre-order a new set of T- shirts. These were released on Black Friday, and were a big hit! We would like to say a BIG thank you too everyone who ordered the new merch and they will be with you very soon! For anyone who is interested please email me at and I will happily assist you. They will also being going up on the shop very soon too, which is another project we have been working on. 



Just a heads up for any existing clients, or for anyone interested in getting booked in. Hanumantra’s dates for January and February are already open, and March dates will be following this Monday coming. And with Jo’s dates, January February and March will be opening all at once this Monday coming too. So if you are looking too book an appointment please give me a call on the UN l TY number: 07446540093 or for any foreign clients please email: 

Too finish off, I would like too say a huge thank you too everyone, both regular and new clients, who make my time working at UN l TY very special. I honestly appreciate both patience and kindness you all give extremely. It makes my time I spend at work very enjoyable and I very much look forward too seeing what 2018 brings us. Please keep your eyes peeled for my next blog!  

I hope everyone has the most wonderful Christmas period, and a very happy new year. And I look forward too hearing from everyone very soon. 

Best wishes from the UN l TY team. 

Thank you guys!

Misha x