Posted on 24th March, 2018

Congratulations on your new tattoo and thank you so much for choosing me to be your tattooer. Now for some aftercare instructions and information on how to protect your investment! FOR YOUR AFTERCARE YOU WILL NEED: Cling film, skin tape, pure baby wipes with no chemicals and tattoo aftercare such as hustle butter or bepanthen. We

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Posted on 12th December, 2017

GETTING YOUR IDEAS ACROSS TO ME: In terms of ideas for the tattoo; I love your input, references and design ideas no matter how many you have. What are your thoughts behind the design and any possible future plans for other work. It all helps me to get a bigger picture of you, what you

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Posted on 30th June, 2017

Le Mondial du Tatouage, Paris, France.       (9th/ 10th/ 11th March ’18) London tattoo collective, UK.       (17th/ 18th March ’18) San Diego Tattoo ,  Downtown USA.       (4th/ 5th/ 6th  May ’18)     Bristol, UK.      (9th/ 10th June ’18) Dublin, Ireland.    (24th/ 25th/ 26th August ’18)  London tattoo convention,

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Posted on 27th June, 2017

SO YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE TATTOOED BY ME: Firstly thank you for looking and considering me to be your tattooer, it’s something I take very seriously and endeavour to provide you with the best experience possible. I love working closely with you to come up with the best design possible, thats one reason why

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REFLECTIONS OF THE SOUL- Oil paintings by Jo Harrison.

Posted on 16th November, 2016

I did my first oil painting in 2006 with Jeff Gogue. As I travelled so much I didn’t get to paint regularly but would take 5 day blocks while staying with him and his family in Oregon and also in various different places as I travelled the world. Back then I would work on a

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Posted on 1st October, 2016

Lianne came to me a very shy lady who was ashamed by the battle scars having 3 children and subsequent abdominal surgeries had left her. She was nervous about getting her first tattoo and I’m struggling to find the words to tell you how happy and proud I am that she chose me to help

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Tradition Vs Modern

Posted on 17th August, 2016

I learnt to tattoo 22 years ago using coil machines with their daily fluctuations in character and mood. Some days they purr to you like a kitten, others they roar like a lion and quite frankly some days they were more like a woman with PMS! But they were made with passion and love by

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A tattoo to mark the end of a journey.

Posted on 13th July, 2015 tattooed nipple to cover mastectomy scar

I was very honoured to be asked to do such a special tattoo for my clients wife. Her first tattoo and one that marks the end of a traumatic journey. I have tattooed over mastectomy scars many times and each time I am touched and honored to have been chosen for such a sensitive project.

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Planning your tattoo.

Posted on 10th February, 2015 KRIS,fu dog,backpiece,tattoo,Jo Harrison

I get asked about the best way to plan a tattoo all the time so I thought I should write a blog about it. Firstly try to decide on your subject matter and placement. Look outside of tattoos and especially outside tattoo fashions for ideas, collect images or ideas if you want to but don’t

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Appointments open for 2015.

Posted on 23rd November, 2014 Font Candy

Just a few spaces left for early 2015, contact Modern Body Art to book! New clients welcome…

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