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Happy New Year!

Posted By misha on 5th January 2018

2018 has finally arrived! I hope you all had a marvellous Christmas and a very Happy New year!

“If you focus on results, you will never change. If you focus on change, you will get results”

A new year means making New Years resolutions for many people, setting individual goals for yourself and prioritising them to achieve. This is something that will have a positive effect on you. Personally I have never really been someone who does this and to be quite honest I have never really been that interested in the New Year itself. I have always seen it as a normal day.

However this year is different…

Last year I made a big step and moved out of my parents house into a new flat, taking on the responsibility of many “adult hood” tasks at a very young age. This gave me time to think a lot about what I want to change and what I want to improve. Meaning the New Year has given me the best opportunity to start fresh and set tasks for myself. Have you guys done any?

I have managed to make a list for both my personal life and work life! Hoping my UNITY list will effect the us and you guys too! 2017 was a great year for us as a team, we managed to accomplish many things within the 365 days. However, I believe 2018 will be so much better. We have many things already to look forward to and my focus is to push us as much as possible to make many things not achieved happen.

We are opening our April dates this week, meaning we will soon be fully booked for a third of the year already! Dates are going quick, so please make sure to get in contact if you are looking at get booked in.

We have already formed a list of conventions we are attending so far in 2018!

  • Paris Tattoo Convention (March 9th-11th)
  • London Tattoo Collective (March 17th- 18th)
  • San Diego (May 4th-6th)
  • Bristol (June 9th-10th)
  • Dublin Tattoo international (August 24th-26th)
  • London Tattoo Convention (September 28th-30th)

So if anyone is interested in getting booked in at any of these conventions please email me for more information.

With 5 days in already of the fresh year, we have had a few exciting pieces started and finished!!
Hanumantra finished the lovely Aiden’s sleeve.

Thank you very much for your time and commitment Aiden.


He then has had the privilege of tattooing Sara, who travelled up from Bristol.

It was a pleasure too have you here at the studio, thank you for commitment and I’m glad we got too tattoo your lovely idea!

Then after taking some time off with River, Jo returned to work and completed a neck piece on Ulrike that was started last year! This is Ulrike’s second piece by Jo as last year she finished a beautiful sleeve, alongside another sleeve she designed on her husband too. I have attached all three completed projects below!

Thank you both for your time and commitment, it was lovely to have you here regularly all the way from Germany! I wish you both the best.


I very much look forward to seeing what this year has to bring to us and I am certain it’s going to be an exciting one!

P.s you will see regular pictures of benji in different outfits, so please keep up to date with my blogs every Friday!

Keep your eyes peeled!
Love all around ♥

Misha x