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LAETUS renascentia

Posted By Jo Harrison on 10th November 2014

The Phoenix is a symbol of our creative transformation.  This mythical bird consumes itself in flames to be reborn new from its ashes and symbolises the choice we each possess to recreate ourselves.

The beginning of Jade’s journey, her initial tattoo and the laser process to make way for the new tattoo…

1,jo harrison,tattoo,jade allison,laser My very loose sketch as always…

2,jo harrison,tattoo sketch,jade allison,backpiece

3,jo harrison,tattoo,backpiece,stencil,jade allison,phoenix

4,jo harrison,tattoo,backpiece,outline,jade allison,phoenix

5,jo harrison,tattoo,torso,bodysuit,jade allison,phoenix

7 hours in and still smiling, what a legend!

6,jo harrison,tattoo,bodysuit,jade allison,phoenix

7,jo harrison,tattoo,boob tattoo,jade allison,phoenix

8,jo harrison,tattoo,backpiece,jade allison,phoenix

Day 1: Jade came to me as a heavily tattooed woman with a lot of tattoos, but she will be leaving me with one tattoo! Thank you for allowing me the honour of working on this big project with you, and for a wonderful first day!

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