Posted By Jo Harrison on 27th June 2017


Firstly thank you for looking and considering me to be your tattooer, it’s something I take very seriously and endeavour to provide you with the best experience possible.

I love working closely with you to come up with the best design possible, thats one reason why I freehand all my work so we have the chance to work together to get the design to fit your body the best way possible and we are free to make changes as the design develops.

I work from my private studio UN1TY in Shrewsbury and Modern Body Art in Birmingham. I also work lots of conventions nationally and internationally. You can contact my PA Misha ( or 07446 540093 for more information.

Once you have decided to take the plunge you can fill in my ‘tattoo request form’, you can copy and paste it from the bottom of this FAQ or email Misha and she will send it out to you. You can send it directly back to me at this will give me all the information about what you want, where, etc, and I can start coming up with a concept ahead of time. Nothing will be drawn to present to you before the appointment as my experience has shown it always changes too much on the day, as it is very different drawing onto your 3D body than it is on paper! The information in the form is really just for my preparation! The magic happens on the day when we turn your idea into reality as we freehand it onto your body. Here is a link to my blog sbout the design and tattoo process, it’s worth visiting to give you an idea of how the process unfolds

When you book your first tattoo session you will also be offered the chance to block book, this means that with one deposit you can hold multiple appointments. I book 3-4 months in advance so if you don’t block book that’s how far apart your appointments will be unless you can take cancellations. When you come for your tattoo appointment, if you have multiple appointments you will pay the balance for the tattoo plus the next deposit. We can’t hold any appointments without a deposit.

The first Monday of each month opens my diary for another month: April 2nd opens July dates. May 7th opens August dates. June 4th opens September dates. July 2nd opens October dates.

The earlier you contact us that day/week, the more choice you get of appointments. If you would like to be in sooner you can email Misha to go on the cancellations list which she runs via an email mailing list.

I also work many conventions nationally and internationally, here is a link to my travel schedule


My priority is doing the best tattoo possible for you and this can’t be rushed. Plus there are so many many variables that can make a substantial difference. How easily we come up with the right design, how detailed it is, how much colour/ background ratio, the size of your body part- one persons leg may be the same size as someone else’s arm! How well you sit and how easily the ink goes into your skin. Also how well you look after your tattoo and how easily your skin heals. Also one full day is the same as two half days in terms of hours but not in terms of production, you get a lot more done in a day compared to two half days. So many variables that make a big difference by the end of the tattoo.


Be prepared: if you have specific ideas, send over as many ideas as you like ahead of time. You can send anything you like to illustrate what you want, photos of actual things, other tattoos for reference, sculpture, colour Pallette’s, etc. I am a visual person so this helps me understand what you want but also the mood for the piece. Also tell me of any future plans you may have for your body. You may think it’s irrelevant but it could spark a better idea to integrate one tattoo into another or a different way of splitting the ideas up that will flow better on the body.  If you are easy and you don’t have a definite idea, that’s fine too, just send me what you can. Also send photos of the area and pics of what you already have around the tattoo (if anything).

Be flexible: especially on layout, how the tattoo fits onto the body is super important, the fit and flow is the biggest reason why I freehand all my work. Remember something may look great on paper but how it fits on the body is a different matter. It needs to flatter the body shape and not distort the design as it curves around the body.

Here is a link to a blog about my design and tattoo process that explains more and is illustrated with pictures at each session of a tattoo, it’s worth a look. I hope you find it interesting


I don’t recommend it for various reasons. Firstly they don’t last very long, so if you are coming to be tattooed expecting it to be numb for the whole session, it wont be. If you come with cream on and you get a pain free hour you can get into the cycle where you are constantly searching for some way of keeping it numb for the whole tattoo and it’s not possible. You will come not mentally prepared for the tattoo to hurt and will find it hard to deal with. They can also cause heavier scabbing on the tattoo and it takes longer to heal causing more pain and for longer during the healing process. My advice is to understand that tattoos do hurt and to find ways within your own mind to help to deal with the pain, it does get easier the more you do this. Strengthen your mind!

One thing to note, anaesthetic creams cannot be used on hands or feet, you need to have the cream on under cling film for 1-3 hours, in which time the skin turns prune-like, as if you have been in the bath too long, and if tattooed like that will not hold the ink.

I do however recommend you use ibuprofen when you get tattooed, mostly to combat any swelling.


Yes, very much so for the work I do. Obviously you need to keep your tattoo out of the sun while it is healing but beyond that the sun causes a lot of damage to colour tattoos especially.Firstly your skin is like glass so the darker the skin, the darker the colours become. Imagine looking at bright red through brown glasses, it will go a dark burgundy. All colours become muddy and muted and the lighter shades you can’t see at all.

Secondly the sun fades the colours over time, especially lighter colours so whites and yellows disappear and other colours become pale. It’s is always best to cover up wherever possible and use a high factor sun block to prevent this from happening and keep your tattoo looking like new! Factor 50 children’s sun blocks are great.

If you have any other questions please contact my PA Misha

Thanks again for looking and I really look forward to starting this journey with you to work on your bespoke tattoo very soon!

Jo x

  • TATTOO REQUEST FORM: email directly to me at






    DESIGN PLACEMENT: (include photos of area and surrounding tattoos if you have any) left or right side of body if appropriate?

    DESIGN IDEAS: (include photos for reference if you have any, not essential)

    ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: (if you have any, things that can be useful are future plans for other tattoos, any meaning behind your choice of tattoo)