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Merry Christmas!

Posted By misha on 22nd December 2017

When we came up with the idea starting a UNlTY blog, I wasn’t to sure on writing something every week that would be of interest to people. It wasn’t the actual task itself, but more the fact of producing something that people would want to carry on reading and look forward to every Friday!
Yet, I have been proven wrong and would like to thank everyone for the support and feedback I have been given over the past few weeks. I really do appreciate it, and it’s given me such enjoyment to write regular blogs.

So for those who don’t know, my days at UNlTY don’t just consist in the tattoo world, but I have the huge responsibility of looking after Jo and H’s eldest daughter Marley. This varies from picking her up from school and spending time with her when she is on her holidays.
It’s crazy because I am only young myself (19) so to look after a young child is a huge challenge for me. But it’s something I LOVE doing. She is a clever young girl who is an absolute pleasure to spend my time with. Even when she does tell me off!

We get on so well, but I defiantly have to watch what I say because sometimes it’s like a ‘mini me’ walking around, and doesn’t look good when she is turning to her Mum and Dad saying “I am absolutely killing it”. Apart from that, I do everything I can to make sure she is having a good time. Laughter is the best sound when feeling down, and I can definitely  say she cheers me up when it’s been a long day.
This week she is is off for her Christmas Holidays, and that has been a good excuse to get the painting stuff out. Turns out though, the painting I helped her with was actually my Christmas present. Thought that counts right?

Marley Roberts you are a star! Thank you for brightening my days.

I have not been in the studio over these past few days, however H has been working away on new projects. Yesterday, he got the pleasure of tattooing the giveaway winner, Zoe.

This was done at the MBA in Birmingham. Click link below to take a look on their website.

Then today he has been working on Flea who has travelled down from Leeds. I look forward to seeing it once it has been completed.

Thank you both for your time and dedication. You definitely deserved it! Two great new tattoos to add to the portfolio.

So my next blog won’t be till the new year now. A very Merry Christmas from the UNlTY team, I hope everyone has a lovely festive period.

Speak soon guys!
Much love
Misha x