REFLECTIONS OF THE SOUL- Oil paintings by Jo Harrison.

Posted By Jo Harrison on 16th November 2016


oil painting jo harrison

I did my first oil painting in 2006 with Jeff Gogue. As I travelled so much I didn’t get to paint regularly but would take 5 day blocks while staying with him and his family in Oregon and also in various different places as I travelled the world. Back then I would work on a painting from morning until night and would generally complete a painting in a day (8-12 hours or so). Since having my daughter in 2011 I have really struggled to find a regular pattern with painting, only just managing to snatch an hour or two here and there has left my paintings feeling disjointed. Since setting up our creative space in Shrewsbury things have changed. I have a space to surround myself with my art, to view it 24/7, an easel set up and waiting to be used, and I now have a system in place (similar to my tattooing technique) with layering that works whether I snatch 10 mins or paint for 10 hours straight and I have been so excited to share it with people!






The preparation for teaching my first oil painting workshop last November caused me to question what I do in order to teach it to the best of my ability and it has been invaluable! It has taken my art work in a new exciting direction and has pushed me to paint more. I’m still obsessed/fascinated/compelled to paint people’s eyes, people I know and can photograph myself is what I really love. I love the connection between myself, the muse and the viewer; much like tattooing. I thought oil painting would be a solitary experience but not when you immerse yourself in someone else’s essence in order to express an honest vision of them, their emotion and/or environment. The similarity between my tattooing and painting may be harder to see regarding style but can be seen in my desire to be the tool to create an expression of my client/muse.




Following this Hanumantra and I held our premier art exhibition “Reflections” at Shrewsbury Coffee House at the beginning of 2016 with a completely new collection of work, it was a very proud moment for us and we were so happy to have been able to share it with so many clients who came to view it, thank you to you all.





I’m excited to announce the next oil painting workshop date Sunday 29 January 2017  at our private studio UN1TY in Shrewsbury, 10am- 6pm. If you are interested in more information or booking you can request info from Misha our PA at

Hanumantra and I are also working on a new collection of paintings to be displayed early next year so keep your eyes peeled for announcements about that!




Thanks for looking! All the best, Jo x