Posted By Jo Harrison on 24th March 2018

Congratulations on your new tattoo and thank you so much for choosing me to be your tattooer. Now for some aftercare instructions and information on how to protect your investment!


Cling film, skin tape, pure baby wipes with no chemicals and tattoo aftercare such as hustle butter or bepanthen. We sell a tattoo aftercare pack including all of these things to make it more convenient for you if you prefer.


Once you get home you can remove the dressing and shower if possible with water as hot as you can manage (without burning yourself). Thoroughly wash the tattoo with plenty of soap and water and remove the plasma and ink that has built up under the cling film. Then blast it quickly with cold water (sorry), this will help to close the pores and stop the tattoo from weeping. Wipe your tattoo over gently with the baby wipes, this will help to remove any more moisture or ink, then pat your tattoo gently to dry it. Re-wrap It again with cling film.
Change the dressing at least 4 times a day, evenly spaced, ideally following the instructions above. If you are not at home and can’t shower just use the baby wipes to clean the tattoo thoroughly before re-wrapping it. It is essential to use 4 clean dressings a day so as to prevent a bacteria build up under the cling film. By wrapping the tattoo you will force it to heal under the cling film and therefore reduce the scabbing substantially.
Plan to keep the tattoo under a dressing for 3 days. If you remove the dressing, wash it and it dries out naturally before you can wrap it then that is the perfect time to stop dressing it and allow it to dry out. When you remove the last dressing and you are hoping to dry it out, wash as above, wipe it over with baby wipes and allow it to dry out. If it is a bit weepy continue to use the baby wipes to encourage it to dry out. Don’t allow any plasma to sit on the surface and dry out as this will cause very heavy scabbing and a very long and uncomfortable heal.
Only when it is completely dry should you use a recommended cream such as hustle butter or bepanthen. Never use Vaseline.


Please don’t pick or scratch any scab that may form as this will remove colour from the tattoo and may cause irreversible scarring.
Don’t touch your new tattoo with dirty hands as this may cause an infection, it is an open wound.
No sunbed, sauna/ steam room, soaking in the bath, swimming pool or jacuzzi.

Please keep your fresh tattoo out of the sunshine and even once it has healed use a high factor (50 SPF) sunblock to keep your tattoo looking as good as possible. The sun causes a lot of damage to colour tattoos especially. Firstly your skin is like glass so the darker the skin, the darker the colours become. Imagine looking at bright red through brown glasses, it will go a dark burgundy. All colours become muddy and muted and the lighter shades you can’t see at all. Secondly the sun fades the colours over time, especially lighter colours so whites and yellows disappear and other colours become pale. It’s is always best to cover up wherever possible and use a high factor sun block to prevent this from happening and keep your tattoo looking like new! Factor 50 children’s sun blocks are great.

Don’t forget to block book your appointments on the first Monday of each month!

If you have any questions our worries please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Love and respect, Jo xxx