The Dawn Of Tomorrow

Both Hanumantra and Jo Harrison as individuals have managed to create their own unique style within the field of tattooing. One with striking, bold and contemporary black designs while the other focusing on free flowing colour tattoos.
Now for the first time they are displaying a collaborative effort where skin has been replaced with canvas and ink for oil In the merging of two contrasting styles they aim to create a series of thought provoking paintings that will challenge the way people view the extremes of tattooing. This is a series of paintings that started in 2015 and is an on going collection.

This collection of paintings are a collaboration between Jo Harrison and Hanumantra. Tattoos have been done in many ways and for differing reasons all over the world for as far back as we can see. It’s part of what makes us human as we identify with others who mark themselves in a similar way. For one reason or another tattooing had its prestige stolen, being pushed to the underground and out to the fringes of society. However in recent years it has started to climb back and reclaim its place amongst civilisation. In this series of paintings we aim to look at prominent figures from past and present, alive or dead, real or fictitious and recreate them in a world where the marking of ones body is celebrated and sacred. In this new world it is one where people have an indifferent attitude about the way we look. But rather than coming from a place of apathy this attitude is born from positivity, in knowing that judgement will not be passed on appearance.

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