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Posted By Jo Harrison on 28th October 2014

A huge warm welcome and thank you for taking the time to visit our new site, we are super excited to be sharing it with you.

Un1ty was just an aspiration until the year of the horse presented us with our dream location. We have had many months of blood, sweat and tears; not just our own, so an extra special thank you everyone who helped us to make this a reality. Our creative space is still a work in progress as many of you will have witnessed but we are very happy to be welcoming people already. It was only last year that Hamumantra and I decided to tattoo from a private space within MBA and that has bought a very different and positive energy to our work so we are excited to see where our new home will allow us to go, artistically and spiritually. I am very much looking forward to developing the connection with my existing clients and making new ones.

We have a lot planned for the coming months including an opening party to consecrate the space and gallery show so keep your eyes peeled for info. I will be blogging regularly again as I have really missed sharing my journey with you all.

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“What I’m proudest of, I guess, is having a life where work and love are impossible to tell apart.” Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick.