Deeper than eyes can Detect.

Posted By admin on 1st October 2016

We have many different senses all feeding back to our brain, which then tries to construct a version of what is happening in our surrounding. Each sense plays its roll and also helps us navigate through this life. With all of this input we try to decipher what has just happened/is happening/will happen and previous experience will determine how we react.

Anyone who has spent time in a tattoo studio will likely be familiar with the sound of metal clashing against metal. The result of a fluctuating electromagnetic field. It’s hum as distinguishable to a tattooer as a child’s cry to a mothers ear. I’ve travelled to many countries and whether it’s on a street in Bangkok, a mall in Las Vegas or a mercado in Mexico when I’ve heard that hum my eyes don’t need to roam for long before they rest upon a neon sign with the unmistakeable word (in any language) “Tattoo”.

However in recent years the popularity of rotary machines has increased and I myself have been guilty of contributing to this wave. Yes there was fancy marketing, a new age looking machine and a very convenient cartridge system but all the while something felt amiss.

Ideally in a working environment I believe that every person should be free to do as they please and make their money where they choose. So on the same token I’m free to decide where I spend my money and who I support. For too long I lined the pockets of people whose primary interest lay in just making money. I needed to change the way I was working and what I was working with. I needed to start giving back more to those who paved the way in my craft.

So Jo and I reached out to Kev Shercliff, her old mentor and also one of the best machine builders in the business. We wanted to see about blowing the cobwebs off some old machines and get them reconditioned. It was instant, as soon as I pulled the first line with one of Kev’s coil liners I was hooked. That nagging feeling of something being amiss evaporated. The struggles I had fought with my previous tools were no longer present I now had a machine that was working with me, in fact it was doing a lot of the hard work for me.

It’s true that a good tradesman never blames his tools. However it’s also true that a good tradesman will always have the right tool for the job. After spending time in Kev’s company and talking about all things related to tattooing I became acutely aware that his 38 years experience could be invaluable in creating a machine for me that would be designed and crafted for pushing big lines and saturating large areas of Black.

Since first starting this project I have worked closely with Kev, from days in his shed in Cannock to a week out of his workshop in Spain. Along the way I have been humbled by his in depth working knowledge on everything related to tattooing and embarrassed by my own ignorance. I feel very much like a fledgling new to flight. The important thing now is I feel as though I’m on the right path and travelling with the right people. People who have invested all of themselves in to tattooing, not for the love of money but for the love of their craft.

At this point I couldn’t be happier with tools that I use. I personally feel I have captured something that can only be described as the spirit of a craft and my craft is Tattooing. There’s now the hum of machines that fills the room in our UN1TY family household. The fresh tattoos that leave our front door now carry a new depth, one which may not always be seen but will certainly be felt. A depth that connects us to those who have passed down what they learned through the years of tattooing. A depth darker than a winters sky.

So Kev and I have decided to do a limited edition run of the machines we developed. There’s no flashy gimmicks and lifestyle marketing that you pay for. If you want solid lines and saturated areas of Black (colour if you must) then give them a try, you won’t be disappointed.

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