Posted By Hanumantra Lamar on 21st November 2017

It has taken some time for me to finally get around and design a new run of T-shirts that I’m happy enough to get printed. But finally the time is here and I’m happy to share with you the start of what I hope will be a successful series, titled “Duality”.

Using cotton as my medium I want to explore and share the ideas of opposition and how tension can be created whilst remaining harmonious. I will be using a similar principle as tattooing whilst embracing the new limitations and advantages of silk screen printing.

The first pair of shirts  “Primitive X Progressive” will be available for pre-order on Friday 24th of November (Black Friday). It is a limited run and once stock sells out then it’s gone.

They will retail for £20 each or both for £35 +p&p

Below is an example of how the shirts will look.

To pre order please call Misha on Friday  at 10.00am on 07446 540 093 or alternatively email Misha.un1ty@gmail.com for payment information.

Thank you to all in support, I hope you enjoy this next instalment.