The final post…this year.

Posted By Hanumantra Lamar on 31st December 2017

It happens the same time each year and yet somehow when it arrives it always comes as a shock. Like a predator in the periphery of our vision that pounces in the blink of an eye the New Year will dawn. In anticipation I have followed my usual ritual for the past few years where I spend the week between Christmas and New Year building a fire at the bottom of our garden. Then tonight with the strike of a match I will watch as my efforts burn and go up in smoke. When morning breaks there will be a smouldering pile of ash and it is from here that my New Year is born.

Anything that has burdened me in 2017 will be left there making space for the intentions and aspirations I have for 2018. Being brought up in the UK I have a great appreciation for the seasons, the constant change, the cyclical rhythm.  I see promise in Spring, excitement in Summer, beauty in Autumn and solace in the bleakness Winter can bring. So as a New Year begins I look back at what the past 12 months has brought to me and feel gratitude. It has not been the easiest year, there has been bad news and struggles along with the happy news and good times, but we have the the choice to learn from the former and relive and remember the latter.

Whilst reflecting on these times I will set my goals and desires for the year ahead and as I sit at the bottom of my garden this evening staring in to the flames under the night sky a clear picture will form. It is from this foundation of intention that I will set out next year to achieve my goal, it will govern the decisions I make from the people I choose to work with to the designs I aim to create.

I started this process the year I moved back to Shrewsbury, the year  U N I T Y  had breath blown in to its existence. Every year I have set my goal and every year I have managed to achieve this goal. Even when I could see no clear path to my destination I kept working and eventually managed to navigate a route. When setting my intentions for the year I keep the following line from a Robert Browning poem in the front of my mind. “but a man’s reach should exceed his grasp, or what’s a heaven for”

So from here I wish you all a happy farewell to 2017 and I bid you good fortune for the year that is nearly upon us. I look forward to working with existing clients again and meeting those of you whom I’m yet to cross paths with. I want to thank all of you who got tattooed by me this year and allow me to continue pursuing this passion for tattooing. Each of you come with a unique challenge and my aim is always to create the tattoo that represents you best. You are a key to a door in my mind that allows me to explore new areas for designs in the skin. Thank You!!!

I’ll leave you with some of the pieces that I managed to complete this year and for anyone wishing to become part of the tribe please send me an email to