HEALING PAST WOUNDS- covering scars successfully with tattoos

Posted By Jo Harrison on 28th November 2018

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” George Bernard Shaw.


This requires a lot more attention to detail than working on unscarred skin. It is always best to work with the flow of the scar rather than against it. It is worth noting that the scar tissue can be very varied and unpredictable. Sometimes it holds so much ink it spreads and other times it needs a follow up session to get the ink smooth and saturated. One thing to bear in mind is that heavy line work tattoos very often do not work well as cover ups as the lines appear to be crooked and emphasise any bumps in the skin. Something more organic and textured often works best over scars. Once we take a look at yours and chat about your ideas we will be able to come up with the perfect solution for you and your unique scar.

If you are thinking of having your scar tattooed over your scar MUST be fully healed for the skin to successfully take the ink and for it not to cause even more damage to the delicate tissue. If you are at all unsure it may be a question you need to ask you surgeon, if your scar is very red, sensitive, dry and itchy it may well not be ready to tattoo and the results of tattooing it before it is ready would be unsuccessful.


It is best if you show me as many different ideas as you can of things you like and even things you don’t like. Some designs may look great but may not make a successful cover up on your particular scar so the more options we have the better then result. It is especially important to do something that resonates with you and represents you if this is going to be the one and only tattoo you get. I do understand that very often people who choose to cover their scar may have never decided to have a tattoo if it wasn’t for them wanting to cover their scar. In that case we may work with more delicate subtle designs and colours to suit the needs and situation.


Firstly it’s important to know that I freehand all my work. I do this because it is truly the best way to get the design to fit and flow on the body. Also rather than you telling me your ideas and me drawing when your not present, we get to work on the design together until we are both happy with it. This is especially important when using the uniqueness of your scar to do the best cover up possible. If your scar is sensitive you can ask at a pharmacy or buy over the internet topical an aesthetics to ease the sensitivity during the session. They won’t make it completely numb but will definitely help.

If you would like to embark on a much larger tattoo please take a look at THE DESIGN AND TATTOO PROCESS” This is a detailed description and step by step at each session of how we covered Loran’s scar on her leg with a beautiful big bird.

If you are interested in covering your scar with a tattoo please take the time to read “LIANNE’S TRANSFORMATION” a beautiful story about a really wonderful lady who was ashamed by the battle scars having 3 children and subsequent abdominal surgeries had left her. We created something unique that represented her, thank you Lianne 🤗

It is alway such a special request to be asked to cover scars with something beautiful. To help heal the mental as well as the physical wounds and put closure to events and traumas in the past. Many people hide their scars away and to give them back a sense of freedom and peace is truly wonderful. Please read “TATTOOING TO HEAL SCARS” if you are interested in A.B’s story.

“I can’t wait to be able to wear my first ever sleeveless dress and I don’t worry about my t-shirts sleeve riding up in the gym anymore. I love my tattoo.”

Thank you A.B. 💖