Posted By Jo Harrison on 22nd November 2018

It is alway such a special request to be asked to cover scars with something beautiful. To help heal the mental as well as the physical wounds and put closure to events and traumas in the past. Many people hide their scars away and to give them back a sense of freedom and peace is truly wonderful.

We worked on a freehand Babel inspired piece for A.B. over two full day sessions.



Thank you so much to this beautiful client for her bravery and trust.

For many people who choose to cover scars with tattoos it is a big leap. They are often not tattooed and very often wouldn’t have chosen to be tattooed had it not been to cover their scars. It brings with the projects an extra sense of feeling out the clients needs and boundaries, and after so much pain associated with that area we need to be very sensitive to the project and the clients feelings during the session.

It has been a total pleasure to share this journey. Her first tattoo and one of many. A.B. has other more severe scars that no one has ever seen and we are planning to cover those in the near future, I feel truly blessed to be trusted to work on these pieces and to be able to share her story.

“I can’t wait to be able to wear my first ever sleeveless dress and I don’t worry about my t-shirts sleeve riding up in the gym anymore. I love my tattoo.”

Thank you A.B. 💖

“Scars show us where we have been, they do not dictate where we are going.” David Rossi.